Will show you how to get your kids to achieve straight A’s, score off the charts, crush the competition, and land the career of their dreams

Do you feel like your children have so much talent, but they are not using it to their full potential? If so, you will learn the keys to unlock their potential, and much more.

Have you ever felt that some of the most important things you’ve learned in your life were not taught to you in school? Well, I have always felt that way and that’s why I created this program! You will learn things that are integral to learning and succeeding, that aren’t taught in your child’s school curriculum.


How many of these success tools are missing from your child’s ability to help them excel and reach their full potential?

1) Understanding your child’s learning style and how to capitalize on it
2) How is your child intelligent and how to enhance his/her intelligence level
3) How to motivate your children so that they can motivate themselves
4) Ability to make decisions with confidence
5) Your ability to influence your children so they are compelled to study without you pushing and prodding them to
6) A mindset that learns from failure and becomes more resilient because of it
7) Having a healthy lifestyle and fostering high mental and physical well-being


Many children today are not aware of their internal drive or passion and thus are not reaching their full potential. Your child has the ability to achieve straight A’s no matter what their grades are right now.

My name is Akram Alashari, and I am also known as The Peak Performance Doctor. As a Trauma Surgeon, I have seen many unfortunate incidents involving youth in violent, reckless, and unnecessary behavior. Often times they sustain devastating, life-altering injuries. I have seen everything from gang violence to texting-and-driving, from drug overdoses to drowning, and everything in between. This is often due to the young individual being influence by peer pressure, or simply not having goals and life direction.

I will provide you with the tools necessary to unlock your child’s full potential and help them reach the next level. Your child will find inherent enjoyment in learning and striving to reach worthwhile and compelling goals. This will lead to your son or daughter to achieving higher grades, with the potential for scholarships, going to the school of his or her choice, and eventually being able to land the career of their dreams. If you implement these methods, as you would take a prescription, you will see drastic changes in your child’s behavior and academic achievements.


Education Today is Not Easy

I know that education is taxing and arduous. In order to become a physician, I had to go through many years of medical school training. I also completed surgery training and surgical critical care sub-specialty training. I had a very different approach to learning and mastering the material than many of my colleagues.

As a result, I was the top of my medical school class, and I even scored so high on the United States Medical Licensing Examination that my score was literally off the chart of the score report! I don’t tell you this to impress you, but rather, to impress upon you the fact that if you are truly committed to an outcome, you will achieve it. There is no reason that your son or daughter cannot score off the charts and exceed even their own expectations.


Education Today is Very Expensive

Completing education today is also very expensive. The average graduate owes over $30,000 in student loan debt, and for advanced degrees it is often much higher. Imagine how much money you and your family can save if your child earned a scholarship. What would you do with that money? What would it mean to you and to your family to be debt free? How much would you pay for that level of peace of mind?

In order to become a physician, medical education is particularly expensive. One study cited that residents reported an average educational debt of $212,000. In addition, nearly three-quarters of the residents had educational debt of more than $150,000, and some residents had education debt exceeding $500,00.

Remember, It’s Not About Luck.  It’s About Doing The Right Things The Right Way

The purpose of “getting an education” is to learn. The school setting should be a place where your child is inspired, motivated, curious, challenged, stimulated, and mentored. Unfortunately, this is not the case for a great number of children. Many of the ideas and concepts that are inherent to the learning process are not taught in school, and the curriculum is given to the students as a delivery system, with standardized examinations being the yardstick of success. However, standardized exams and a mundane curriculum is not going to prepare your child for the future. Furthermore, this leads to children feeling bored, frustrated, and stressed out.

Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. Many of them feel frustrated and find that school is irrelevant and boring. In addition to the students that drop out, countless students attend school but are completely disengaged. If the student is disengaged and stressed out, there is no learning occurring. That is completely counter to the whole point of getting an education. It doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, it should NOT be this way! Let’s start at home with this course, which will help with ideas that are actually important, relevant, engaging, and valuable. Sometimes all it takes is a single idea, a single perspective or thought, that can radically change your life or the life of your family members for generations to come. I will present many thought-provoking ideas you can actually implement in your child’s life.



Open up the doors of opportunity

Becoming highly skilled in today’s market is what gives you the competitive edge. Fostering your child’s innate talents is the seed that will allow their skills to grow. When these skills are applied, it will lead to an abundance of rewards. Do you want your kids to be happy? Well, having many options they can choose from will definitely help improve their quality of life and allow them to be self-determined.

Achieve scores that are off the charts!

I never thought that this was something that was even possible. But I did it, and it can be replicated. Scoring off the charts didn’t just give me a sense of pride, joy, and confidence, but it also gave me the momentum to continue to perform at that level and better serve my patients and students. 




Experience the Peak Performing Parents Retreat Live Event!

If there is one thing I can certainly attest to, it is this: some of the most important things I have learned in my life were NOT taught to me in the classroom! I’m sure if you think about it, you can find similar examples.

Things such as cultivating confidence, decision-making, and effective thinking are immensely valuable lessons, but they are not in your child’s curriculum. The art of learning, types of intelligence, being self-reliant, and many other factors integral to achievement are necessary to perform well academically.

You will learn these concepts in an interactive environment, meet other parents, and form new connections. At the conclusion of the event, you will become a completely changed person and you will create a positively profound effect on your family.


5 Reasons Why EVERY Parent Needs to become A PEAK PERFORMING PARENT: In Today’s Society…

  1. Your child has a vast reservoir of untapped potential, and if explored can lead to:

    • High academic achievement
    • Improved capabilities in a fast-paced, ever-changing world
    • Increased self-esteem
    • Improved quality of life
  2. High scores are a major determinant of academic advancement

    • Get your child to attend the college/university they want to attend
    • Freedom of choice in the highly competitive environment
  3. Fast-paced technological advancements and innovation are the norm

    • Become your child’s partner toward success
    • Master the art of influence and motivation
    • Unmask your child’s interests and passions
  4. There are ever-increasing demands on each individual

    • Become your child’s champion for overcoming adversity
    • Learn about the advantages of adversity
    • Help your child become more resilient in the face of challenges
    • Get those straight A’s!
  5. Current form of mainstream education is antiquated

    • Are the classes you children are taking preparing them for the future?



Here’s an overview of how my Peak Performing Parents Online Program is designed.

It’s organized over eight different modules, which in themselves are eight mini programs. I want you to be able take what I provide you and actually implement it.

Program Description for



Here’s an overview of how my Peak Performing Parents Online Program is designed.

It’s organized over eight different modules, which in themselves are eight mini programs. I want you to be able take what I provide you and actually implement it.

Your Child’s Success in the Classroom Is Determined By Eight Critical Areas: I’ll Give You the “Keys” to Unlock Each One


Module 1:

How to use the psychology of success so that high achievement comes naturally.
I’ll give you a general overview of the psychology and strategy of a successful mindset and I’ll show you…

  • The mindset that sets you up for success and the mindset that sets you up for failure and disappointment
  • How to evaluate that mindset that you currently have and the results of it
  • How to change your child’s mindset to one of growth, acceleration, and achievement
  • How simple communication strategies and incentivizing methods can affect your child’s mindset
  • The most common mistakes parents make when trying to encourage their children

Module 2:

What is your child’s learning style?

In module 2, I’ll show you how to discover your child’s learning style and capitalize on it. You’ll learn…

  • How to recognize different learning styles
  • How to use your child’s learning style to make studying more desirable
  • Proven strategies that help your child excel and increase mental abilities

Module 3:

How is your child intelligent?

In this module, you’ll get an in depth understanding of the different forms of intelligence and how this applies to your child. You’ll realize…

  • Different forms of intelligence will help your child successfully navigate different situations accordingly
  • How to unlock your child’s full potential and create a lifestyle of high achievement and peak performance

Module 4:

How to get your child to excel because they want to learn

In this module, I will reveal the keys to brain functioning and learning. You will discover…

  • How the brain learns new information
  • How to teach your child the art of learning about learning (“meta-learning”)
  • How to make thinking a habit and foster imagination and creativity, the precursor to innovation

Module 5:

How to motivate your child to be self-motivated

  • How to create a compelling vision for the future for your child’s life
  • Increase your child’s engagement in scholarly activity
  • Help your child become a role model

Module 6:

How to help your child overcome challenges and become more resilient in the face of adversity.

In this module, you will be able to…

  • Have the uncomfortable yet necessary conversations with your child
  • Create perspectives that enhance your child’s resilience and acceptance of situations
  • Recognize and use the inherent gifts of adversity

Module 7:

How to help your child make decisions with confidence

  • Decision-making is something your child will face every day. You will know how to show your child…
  • How to make rational decisions
  • How to set goals – and achieve them
  • Improve their self-esteem and belief in themselves

Module 8 – Bonus Module:

Is your child living a healthy lifestyle that will foster mental and physical well-being? Learn about

  • Healthy habits that foster mental and physical well-being
  • How to make habits stick for the long-term
  • Enjoy a high quality of life


I will share many examples along the way of children who have done incredible things and how your child can do so also.


The Peak Performing Parents Online Program is Composed Of:

Component #1

Eight Training Modules, each of which consists of audio and video files in a password-protected website so you may access them at your convenience 24/7.  Each session consists of an overview summary, core lessons and bonus content, along with supporting exhibits, checklists, action plans and other documents. All modules will be made available to you when you enroll.

Component #2

Checklists, timelines, transcripts, actual documents, models and samples to make it super-easy for you to implement the strategies discussed.  For instance, you’ll receive complete checklists for action plans on cultivating a growth mindset, improving learning habits, influence/motivation, overcoming challenges, and more!

Component #3

Lifetime access to the entire Peak Performing Parents Online Program– so it’ll all be there whenever you need to go back to it as you progress.

Act NOW and You’ll Receive ALL of The Following Strategies, Tools, Action Plans and Checklists for Helping Your Children to Achieve Straight A’s.

How Much Does Peak Performing Parents Online Program Cost?
Answer: Not much compared with the potential life-long benefits of becoming a high achieving student.

If you’re wondering, “What’s the price of your Peak Performing Parents Online Program?”

I’m glad you asked.  That’s one of the best parts of what we offer.

You see, becoming a successful student might very well be worth a fortune to you over your lifetime – regardless of the future career path chosen.

I’ll bet you’ll find that others will treat you differently – better and with more respect – when you become a peak performing parent of a peak performing student. They figure if you have high achievements, you must know what you’re talking about.

Regardless of the type of business or profession, you’ll find that becoming a successful student will give you a heightened sense of credibility and expert positioning no matter your field.  After all, everyone wants to deal with the person who “is the expert” on a given topic. Have your child start being the expert from now. Don’t delay. Remember, procrastination is the enemy of achievement.

Becoming a successful student can also cause previously closed doors to spring open and lead to a high paying career, lucrative opportunities, the ability to choose rather than settle, and much more.

Other successful students I know have discovered they can dramatically increase their abilities with this program. Almost all of them find it much easier to get their future and preferences they desire, as well as a desirable income and life satisfaction.

You receive all of this for only: A single investment of $97